Cruising with the Bigman

Join us on our adventures as we travel and bring you along for the ride.

Why a cruise?

Cruising offers allot of options, your cruise ship is basically a floating hotel where you sleep and eat. At night you go to sleep and usually awake in a new port or country. There you can explore the culture on your own or join one of their excursions to explore the locations.

Onboard amenities & service

The service onboard a cruise ship is normally top notch. From your room attendant to the dinning staff you will be greeted and tended to your every whim.

Exciting Destinations

Cruising offers a ton of exciting destinations for you to explore. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, you will find something for everyone.

About us

We created this site as an account of our trips abroad in the cruise world. Allow us to share our unique experiences as we travel the world onboard a floating hotel with a crew dedicated to provide a five star vacation for all.

Come aboard and look forward to welcoming you to the world of cruising.

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